Maintenance and precaution auto centering vibrating screen

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Auto Centering Vibrating Screen simple structure, easy to manufacture, easy to operate, it is the medium-sized processing plant currently used in the treatment of fine material screening equipment, due to the extensive application, so the Auto Centering Vibrating Screen maintenance is a common phenomenon Xinhai As a major shaker manufacturer, on sieving equipment maintenance has accumulated rich experience, the following emphatically explain for three Auto Centering Vibrating Screen precautions when servicing.

1, the question of Auto Centering Vibrating Screen for regular inspection found, should be repaired. Shaker repair including timely adjustment belt tension, replace with a new band, the replacement of worn sieve surface and a longitudinal gasket strip, replace damping spring, replace bearings, transmission gears and seals, replacement of damaged bolts, repair damaged screen frame member, etc. .

2, the screen frame side plates and beams should avoid stress concentration, shaker is not allowed soldered on these components. Shaker cracks should be replaced for the next beam, side damage when a crack is found, 5mm hole should be drilled in the crack at the end, and then add reinforcing plates cracking site. Exciter disassembly, repair and assembly should be full-time personnel in clean places.

3, after the demolition inspection shaker Rolling wear, check the gear tooth surface, check the coupling member, the cleaning shaker box in the lubrication circuit to make it smooth, clear surface of each binding attachments, replace all the seals and other damaged parts.

Due to different working environment, causes problems Auto Centering Vibrating Screen could ever changing, more than just the typical problems are summarized, concrete analysis of specific issues should also be selected in the daily operation of the plant according to the actual situation, a small problem in a timely manner solve a big problem in order to avoid the accumulation of the vibrating screen can not run, affecting production.

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