Application of high-frequency vibration sieve and design of mineral processing

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In mineral processing, such as non-ferrous metal ore (such as iron, tin, tungsten, tantalum, etc.) and non-ferrous metal ores (such as lead, zinc, gold, silver, industrial sand, etc.), high-frequency vibrating screen has a crucial role. Ore crushed and pulverized, high frequency vibrating screen as SEPRO-Sizetec vibrating screen is used to select the classification material size is small enough to enter the next phase of recovery. For example, a closed grinding circuit (e.g., loop network with a ball mill). First, vibrating screening out coarse particles and recycling them back to the mill. Then, the fine particulate material will be promptly unloaded, to avoid excessive pulverization caused by regrinding. [4] use in mineral processing high-frequency vibrating screen can meet the fineness requirement easily be benefits for recycling, and can achieve a smaller size separation, to reduce the required crushing stage, the overall energy consumption ability. Therefore, to improve the level of the final product, and provide better recovery and vibrating screening efficiency.

Conventional and general design for the high-frequency vibration sieve is from the host, vibrating screen web, eccentric Bock, motors, rub spring and couplers. [7] the two high-frequency vibration of the vibrator caused by the most common types of hydraulic or electric vibrators, [8] which is either an electric motor or a solenoid vibrator. [6] for vibrating screening deck common design or a single or double. In addition, another feature of the high-frequency vibration sieve plate is that they provide static support structure such as a smaller, less noise, longer life, and thus reduce the maintenance benefits. In industry, this vibrating screen until the tile angle 40º operation. High Frequency (1500--7200 turn) and low amplitude. (1.2 - 2.0 mm) features led elliptical motion in the vertical direction, it can be quickly transferred oversize particles down the vibrating screen [9] to create a thin bed of particles, which increases the efficiency and capacity of the vibrating screen.

Shaker movement pattern of particles under.

Mobile vibrating screening equipment with a single deck. [10]

Mobile vibrating screening equipment with a double vibrating screen. [11]

Still picture is typically used in plants and do not move around. In mineral processing industry, equipment usually must be moved to different locations depending on the job occupied by a single company. Phone vibrating screen so that is another feasible design, who also tend to put their equipment company. These measures include the wheeled and tracked equipment, allowing for easy transportation of the vibrating screen and action

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