Advantages and limitations of High frequency vibrating screen

2015-10-26      Views2803

High frequency vibrating screen separation to achieve high efficiency and differs from its corresponding because it breaks the surface tension between the particles. Also helps to increase the RPM of the high level of the layered material, so that they separate at a higher rate. Separation can occur not hierarchical. Further, since the vertical vibration of the screen, there is a "popcorn effect", whereby coarse particles is lifted higher and finer particles remain close to the screen, thereby increasing the probability of separation. In some high-frequency vibration sieve feed flow rate can be controlled, which is proportional to "popcorn effect"; if the flow rate decreases, the effect is also reduced. Limitations of high-frequency vibration fine sieve screen is very fragile, very vulnerable to blocked very easily. Over time, the separation efficiency drops, the screen will need to be replaced.

An alternative high frequency vibrating screen is a rotary screen. Rotary sifter screen using a circular motion and rotation of the fine particles through the hole sieve. It is also widely used in the finger separation; between 12mm to 45μm particle size. Rotary screen will usually choose to be separated according to the nature of the substance; whey, yeast bread mix, cheese powder, fertilizers. Rotary screen often preferred in non-metallurgical sectors and mode of operation to achieve the dust and noise environment. Limit for rotating the screen is that it can not handle as compared to high-capacity high-frequency vibration sieve. Two devices, however, to achieve a high efficiency filter.

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