Vibrating Screen Selection

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Vibrating Screen is one of the devices in mining, building materials, chemical industry common.It is easy to use and flexible, welcomed all industry of life.So for Vibrating Screen selection, you have to understand .Vibration screening as: circular vibrating screen, self-centering Vibrating Screen, vibrating screens, dewatering screen and other forms,How to choose their own Vibrating Screen equipment.

Circular Vibrating Screen:
Because approximately circular trajectory, it is referred to circular vibrating screen, is a multi-level, highly efficient vibration sieve. Suitable for beneficiation, coal preparation, building materials, electricity, chemicals and other departments as classification of materials used. It is also applicable to dehydration, mud, off-mediated and so on. Circular vibrating screen today to introduce the (YA) circular Vibrating Screen, it's drying surface area of 14.4m2 4.3m2,7.2m2,10m2 and unequal. They can decide the selection of circular vibrating screen size according to the amount of processing. Sieve ranging from 6mm to 150mm, you can choose the appropriate model based on the particle size of the ore. Can also be based on the maximum feed size of ore selection, power ranging from 11kw to 30kw, weight is not the same, but the choice of round or vibrating aspects to be selected according to the amount of processing, ore particle size, etc., can not be blind choose.

Linear vibrating screen:
Linear shaker with a low-power, high efficiency screening, widely used in dehydration, mud, off-mediated when heavy media beneficiation to remove heavy media. Today to introduce the DZS linear vibrating screen, it can also be based screening area, vibration amplitude, motor type, motor power and speed and other several parameters to select. Linear vibrating screen is all most widely used Vibrating Screen shaker device. Also to be selected according to how much the amount of processing ore particle size and moisture content and other factors.

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