The future development of sieving machine

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Times are changing, the concept is changing, the road of innovation even more firm, when tradition is innovation instead of the traditional extensive development model will be replaced by new, environmentally friendly, conserving production, resources are no longer a luxury, the mining industry What Attitude industry taking new steps, future mine development Way screening machine.

As China's economic development process, there have been many problems, environmental pollution, waste of resources, the development is unreasonable, forcing the enterprise industrial restructuring and upgrading, development process in order to reduce the problems. Especially for the mining industry is particularly prominent. Coupled with this year's global mining industry have appeared sluggish state, innovation particularly urgent adjustment of mining enterprises. How to mine row on innovation, first update from the device. Ore used today to analyze how, for example, sieving equipment for mining industry updates.

Mine sieving machine Situation

First, do not understand the screening machine itself will cause in the course of many issues, is particularly important for understanding the structural strength of the screening machine, or is likely to cause fracture phenomena arising from the use, affecting the normal production activities.

Second, understand the technical parameters of the screening machine is also an important factor in a reasonable and effective use of screening machines, to fully take into account the size of the material particle size and particle size of the material and choose the right size screening machines for processing.

Lower life last screening machine is the biggest problem currently exists screening machine, strength of materials can not meet production requirements. Therefore, screening machine, its interior fittings material is particularly important for the life of the screening machine, in this regard. Foreign doing good.

Xinhai done in a screening machine is also very good, Xinhai mine screening machines are lined with Xinhai Xinhai wear-resistant rubber and rubber mesh, extending its life.

The future direction of mine, sieving

1, to solve the problem of its short life, which requires higher demands on its screening machine parts, wear better, hardness stronger materials to meet production requirements.

2, light and flexible use of the characteristics in the use of more flexible. For conventional screening devices exist in the use of bulky, poor flexibility. The new mine confidential screening in the use of more convenient and flexible, able to solve a variety of materials grading operations.

3, intelligent features more powerful. Full use of computer manipulation, saving manpower and material resources.

I have outlined above is to review the future development of screening machines. There are many unknown variables in future mining industry, the future of mining screening machines must be towards innovation, professional, energy-saving direction. Especially mining industry, mining industry, we hope that the future will be out of a new world with innovative attitude, a malaise that is now the state mining industry.

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