Copper - lead - zinc ore flotation production line Case

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Copper - lead - zinc ore flotation production line Case

Copper - lead - zinc ore flotation production line Case

Indonesia Cassian forests areas formed before the Cretaceous and Jurassic, because rich granodiorite porphyry, horn stand rock, quartzite, concrete rocks, petrified wood, aplite and hydrothermal mineralization and other necessary materials, it is particularly rich in mineral resources.

Dragon Mining Limited in Indonesia where there is a copper lead-zinc mine, since the Indonesian mining industry in the beneficiation process as a whole is lagging behind, so Dragon Mining would like to seek an advanced beneficiation process of mining machinery companies in the world entire Engineering outsourced. After and a plurality of the strength of the mining machinery companies contacted decided to outsource the project to have 20 years experience in mining the total package Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.

Xinhai company after signing the contract, the first time sent technical personnel to conduct mine ore composition analysis, preliminary findings metallic minerals comprising mainly pyrrhotite, pyrite gum, sphalerite, iron flash zinc, galena, chalcopyrite; non-metallic minerals are quartz, feldspar, followed by calcite, dolomite, sericite, chlorite and carbonaceous like.

Xinhai technical staff in the laboratory after further study found that the mine's ore chalcopyrite and pyrrhotite, iron sphalerite, galena close symbiotic, and part was milky present in iron sphalerite mine in this state if the direct use of crusher words simply can not do monomer dissociation; while some chalcopyrite inclusions in gangue particles will be lost as part of the emissions from the tailings, the impact on copper recovery . Iron sphalerite is the main ore mineral zinc, which often wrapped with micro-fine galena, pyrrhotite, and other carbonaceous difficult to monomer dissociation, in addition to these, iron sphalerite iron The average content of 10% or more, which would seriously affect the refining of zinc concentrates.

Component so complex ore beneficiation indicators in order to get higher, even for seasoned dressing Xinhai company is also a huge challenge. Technical staff after a flotation test several times, for the low copper content of the ore characteristics, and ultimately determine the Copper Lead Mix election, mixing separation of copper and lead concentrates, zinc tailings election process. The following details about Xinhai company Dragon Mining designed flotation process.

1, Copper Lead Mix option: with lime pulp, in the pulp PH value reached about 7.5 times, the use of Ty-1 and zinc sulphate as sphalerite, iron sphalerite inhibitor, using ethyl xanthate (70g / t), J-21 (35g / t) as the collector, the mineral zinc and copper, lead effective separation of minerals, so moderate foam viscosity, create conditions for the separation of copper and lead.

2, copper-lead separation: first using potassium dichromate method CMC- lead depressant copper, then using B butter and No.2 oil as collector and frother, flotation foam stabilizer, you can get a better copper concentrate But this time lead concentrate grade only about 4%, below the crude lead concentrate, lead concentrate to make standards, the need to re-election in accordance with the mineral jig density differences in the use of lead concentrate lead concentrate is obtained.

3, zinc tailings choose: To get zinc concentrates have a choice of zinc rougher tailings, the trial of agent is lime (3500g / t), copper sulfate (500g / t), butyl xanthate (60g / t) 2 # oil 60g / t), flotation PH value 12-13. Roughing after the completion of two selection and a sweeping election can get a better lead concentrate.

Xinhai designed for the Dragon this flotation process, copper concentrate grade of 24.06% ultimately, recovery 51.70%; lead concentrate grade of 58.3%, 89.24% recovery; zinc concentrate grade of 47.08%, recovery of 87.21%. Dragon sorting index far more than the company's expectations.

Xinhai company in addition to the design of the flotation process sorting index is high, but also has a simple process, short process, indicators stable, easy to production implementation, to meet environmental requirements and so on. Xinhai in the contracted projects not only for the company to pay a Dragon excellent responses, but also for companies in the mineral processing industry in Indonesia has won a good reputation.

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